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Chin surgery

The chin plays a decisive role in facial aesthetics and helps to give us our identity. The shape of the chin has an affect on our social environment which should not be underestimated. A receding chin, double chin or other chin deformities can lead to people having a negative perception of us and a less friendly attitude.


Chin Surgery - Genioplasty (without implant)

A double chin, drooping chin or receding chin can be treated in an outpatient operation. Patients often experience a positive change after only a short time: A feeling of greater self-esteem often goes hand-in-hand with a generally improved posture, more self-assured appearance and a positive radiance.

Corrections in cases of double chin, drooping chin or receding chin

When correcting a double chin, the chin muscle is tightened. A drooping chin is the result of sagging soft tissues. Causes include slackening of the musculis mentalis (chin muscle), loss of the anterior mandibular ridge or detachment of the musculus mentalis by inserting an artificial chin implant. A drooping chin can also be eliminated by tightening the chin muscles. In the case of receding chins (also known as weak or backward recessed chin) in particular, extremely attractive results can be achieved in terms of the facial profile, thus enhancing physiognomy. A lasting result is achieved.

The treatment is painless and leaves no visible scars

The treatment is performed under anaesthesia on an outpatient basis and is painless. The patient can subsequently return home. Surgery is performed in the mouth in the anterior lower buccal fold behind the lower lip, without leaving any visible scars. Artificial chin implants are not recommended because they cause bone resorption on the chin.


Illustration of the chin-correction surgery without an implant.
We recommend having this procedure done using your own chin bone as it will result in a permanent, natural look. There are no external scars as the procedure is carried out in the oral cavity.
(The Professor Sailer Clinic does not recommend any implants because of possible bone resorption and foreign body sensation)



Patient report June 2017

Mr. Of. K. from Israel 

Mr. O. can also be contacted by phone to tell you his experience. For privacy reasons, please contact us in advance on +41 43 268 30 78.

My story has begun when I was 13 years old, when my facial bone structure was developed incorrectly. My chin and jaw have become longer, narrower with no volume, and without any masculine feature. I thought to myself that gain weight would be the solution. As I grew up, I realized that the core problem is my bone structure and it has nothing to do with fatness.

I started to explore and study the issue with the hope to find answers and solutions. I found a whole new world regarding jaw and chin correction, and facial aesthetic surgery, but in the same time it was clear that the facial bone structure field is much foggier, than breast augmentation surgery, or rhinoplasty, which you can find much more easily."Which surgeon can deal with so much requests and wishes I have"?

Patient report about chin surgery June 2016

Mrs. A. Urwin from London writes:

I live in London and I had chin implant removal and sliding geneoplasty with Prof. Sailer. I consulted with three other surgeons before Prof. Sailer, but I wasn't happy with the quality of advice.   

Patient report chin and nose surgery, June 2016

Mrs. Maya M. Switzerland

I was unhappy with I looked from the side, my nose was to big with a hump and I had a week chin.

I discussed with my husband that I want to improve my facial appearance and believe me, my husband is not a big fan of plastic surgery and the most important for him was that I look still natural and keep my natural beauty. 

Patient report 2016


After a long ordeal, a number of cosmetic procedures which never satisfied me, always hiding as soon as someone tried to take a picture of me from the side – a variety of obstacles which lay in my path throughout the course of my life because of my jaw malposition – I decided around the middle of December 2015 to attend an advice session with Professor Hermann Sailer.