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Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Many people these days suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome OSAS. Sleep Apnea is a life-threatening condition that is characterised by loud snoring and the cessation of breathing while a person is sleeping. The patient will often not be aware of these characteristics. Only a few people are aware that a long-term cure can be brought about by the operative technique known as rotation advancement.

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Rotation Advancement Surgery cures Sleep Apnea for ever

If sleep apnoea is suspected, x-ray images are used to carry out an analysis of the respiratory passages. The exact diameter of the upper respiratory passages are measured and defined. Together with the recordings from the sleep laboratory, the necessary treatment stages are started.

Catching up on natural growth

Through the forward advancement of the jaw, the lack of forward growth is “caught up on” and therefore a vitally important widening of the upper respiratory passages by 2 or 3 times is sustainably achieved. Many sleep apnoea patients wore braces as children, but only the tooth position and not the rear position of the jaw was taken into consideration.

The highly sensitive soft tissues remain untouched

The sensitive, supple and continually moving soft tissue parts such as the soft palate, pharyngeal uvula and the base of the tongue are spared when the rotation advancement method is used. Procedures which affect these functional soft tissues are particularly painful and Professor Sailer therefore does not carry out these procedures. Every year Professor Sailer performs numerous operations to correct the damage caused by these procedures, damage which leads to speech difficulties, a nasal voice or problems such as fluid leaking through the nose when swallowing.

The procedure is not dangerous and leaves no visible scars

The procedure is carried out on the jaw bone. Bones are not sensitive to pain, therefore the operation is painless. Surgery is carried out through the oral cavity, leaving no outwardly visible scars. 

To find more information and patient reports see www.schlafapnoe.com

Patient reports before and after Sleep Apnea surgery

Authentic reports with name and photos of patients

Sleep apnea cured forever: Many enthusiastic former patients who have been cured hand over their contact details to pre-operative patients for sharing their experiences. Below you will find some current excerpts. In order to illustrate the authenticity and integrity of the letters and interviews we have been allowed to publish some of them with their full names.

Corona virus infected patient writes in March 2020

Hello my dears,

how are you? A stricter procedure is now also planned in Freiburg: ban on assembly in places for 14 days. I must have gotten infected quite early, outside of school, although the Franco-German school was one of the first to close. My course of the disease was mild and I think I owe that to my enlarged airways. I would like to thank you again, especially you Prof. Dr. Sailer, but also Ms. Tejic, who thought of me when a patient dropped out due to illness. Yes, I'm glad I had the appointment on December 2nd 2019, really happy.

Yours Christine O.

2 weeks after surgery, October 2019

Mr. Uwe Sch. from Germany Berlin

Dear Professor Sailer, dear Frau Doktor Sailer,


Today is the 17th day of my new life.


I can sleep again in peace without a mask and wake up refreshed in morning.

My blood pressure has levelled out at 130/88, my weight is around 11 kilos lower and when I take a breath, then I really do get air - my nose is free. The swellings are almost gone and my friends ask me if I have had a beauty operation.

It took me a long time to come to a decision and I am happy that I decided to go for it.

I was lucky to find in you, dear professor, a very experienced, accomplished specialist as operating doctor - surrounded by a professional team. During my time with you I felt very comfortable and well looked after; the lovingly prepared ice packs from Frau Doktor Sailer were a particular help in the first hours afterwards.

I would like to thank you and your team once again for your fantastic work!


In grateful thanks, Uwe Sch. from Berlin

February 2019, 4 month after surgery

4month after surgery Mrs.Wuethrich writes:

Rotation Advancement Operation by Professor Sailer:

After years of snoring, sleep disturbance, daytime fatigue, difficulty breathing, depression and a stroke, I decided to consult Professor Sailer.   

After I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea in May 2017, was not doing well with the CPAP mask and my X-rays showed drastic narrowing of the respiratory passages and a growth disorder of the lower jaw, Professor Sailer advised me to have the operation. Professor Sailer and his team carried out the repositioning of the upper and lower jaws (Rotation Advancement) in October 2018. 

I recovered from the operation very well. Although I was very tired, I did not experience any pain at all, but rather severe pressure caused by facial swelling. 

Desperate patient, 2019

Mrs. Silke P. from Germany was desperate seeking for help.

After an unsuccessful surgery I consulted many doctors in Germany in search of help.

After a lot of time searching the Internet, I learned about Prof. Sailer in Zürich 

I contacted his very sympathetic and friendly wife, Frau Dr. Sailer, and Frau Oppenberger, who was also very helpful. I travelled to Zürich with my mum.

Prof. Sailer was the most caring and considerate doctor I have ever met.

Regarding my difficult situation, he put a lot of thought into how he could help me.

Prof. Sailer is trying to root out the exact cause of the problem.

Here at his clinic you’re not just parked in a corner.

From the very first moment I felt well looked-after in Prof. Sailer’s clinic and I have complete trust in him.

They also looked after my mum very well here.

They even rang me up after I got home to find out how I was doing.

A doctor had never done that for me before.

The entire team that we talked to at the clinic was more than helpful, and very kind too.

That’s why we want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you and until next time.”

warm regards

S.P from Germany

August 2018, Mr. Nipps report

Longtime experience after operation in 2004

I left my position as CEO of a private bank at the end of 2001 and reduced my workload to 50%. I made this decision on the advice of my doctors who had diagnosed me with severe sleep apnoea. I have been to the sleeping laboratory three times, and the assessments were very bad. Over 130 apnoeas (average 33 seconds). A recuperation value of around two and a half hours per night was calculated. Besides reducing my workload, I had a respirator made for me at the Swiss Lungenliga (Lung League) and used it every night for three years.

I heard about Professor Sailer and his success in the treatment of sleep apnoea from a friend. I then decided rather quickly to contact Professor Sailer. Already during my first visit, I was optimistic to do something about my sleep disorders. A second opinion I received from the University Hospital of Zurich convinced me that Professor Sailer would be able to successfully perform this non-standard operation on me. It has to be said that both an orthodontist and the attending doctor at the Lungenliga strongly advised against this operation. 

March 2018, operation after Cpap mask complaints

Mr. Ocke J. Harrsen, Germany

In 2016 I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea syndrome after suffering restrictions for many years with night-time blood pressure crises, insomnia, daytime fatigue and finally cardiac arrhythmia. The polysomnography showed severe REM-related OSAS. In view of the marked nature of the results, CPAP therapy was initiated. For over a year, I consistently wore the mask despite numerous problems. These manifested themselves in a wide range of forms: continual adjustment of the placement of the mask during the night (I tried various different models), swelling of the nasal mucous membranes, dry lips and nasal and oral mucous membranes despite the use of a humidifier, frequent conjunctivitis, continued severe fatigue and sleepiness in the daytime, concentration and memory disruptions, high blood pressure despite medication, in particular high values during the night, frequent urination at night, a sharply distended stomach and shortness of breath upon minimal exertion. I found the continual fatigue and my nightmares and states of anxiety to be very troublesome. The anxiety and nightmares prevented me from resting and caused me to go to bed later and later out of fear. In the morning I constantly had the feeling that I had not slept. My mental state got worse and worse, until finally I became depressive. This was a massive and no longer tolerable reduction of my quality of life. 

The search for a solution led me, via the Internet, to Professor Sailer’s specialist clinic in Zurich.

I went to the clinic on 07.07.2017 and a detailed diagnosis was carried out. I was diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome, retraction of the upper and lower jaw (class 2 skeletal dysgnathia) and hypoplasia of both mandibular condyles, whose growth is retarded, and extremely narrow oropharyngeal respiratory tract with a diameter of 8 mm.                                                                                    

As an alternative to the CPAP treatment, corrective osteotomy of the jaws in terms of a bimaxillary rotation advancement of both jaws was proposed, whereby the oropharyngeal respiratory tract is greatly enlarged and the OSAS is treated causally.

8 days after surgery in November 2017

David Neumayer, Vienna

On 14th November, I was operated on at Professor Sailer's for sleep apnoea. I already swam in the thermal water in Bad Ragaz on Friday evening and used the steam bath, but that's not what really counts. Instead, it is the improved quality of life, more oxygen concentration and the resulting effectiveness, more strength, and last but not least, much more and invaluable time – all these really valuable things in life, which the professor and his team have practically gifted me. In the clinic, you are cared for more than professionally, and there is a real family feeling. What more can you ask of the best?! P.S.: Greetings from Hungary – I even flew here!

January 2017, Mr. Ley from Germany

4 month after sleep apnea surgery

It all began in 2012 when I woke up tired, although I had slept more than adequately. For months, it was hard for me to work efficiently during the day and find any motivation for sports and other activities.

My doctor checked me thoroughly and referred me to a sleep laboratory. It was established that I was suffering a huge amount of breathing interruptions (apnoea). As a result, a breathing mask was prescribed to wear at night.

December 2016, daughter writes about the surgery of her father

Ms. Wafae El Otmani, Morocco.

My family and I have spent one month in Zurich for my father’s surgery of sleep apnea; a maxillomandibular advancement surgery performed by Prof. Sailer and his brilliant team.

Seven months before surgery, my father went for a polysomnography because of a constant asthenia and snoring during sleep, he was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea (Index of 45/hour).

1 year after Sleep Apnea surgery, Oktober 2016

Mr. Ben J.Frommherz, Germany :

At the end of 2015 I underwent a Rotation Advancement Operation, because I could hardly sleep anymore due to shortness of breath and nothing provided me with any relief. The cause was that my jawbone had not grown to its full extent, which led to a bottleneck effect in my throat. The operation, which Prof. Sailer suggested, planned to rectify the bottleneck without altering the position of my jaw line or disfiguring my face.