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Dental hygiene

Professional dental cleaning not only helps your teeth to become radiant white, it also makes a valuable contribution to the long-term protection of your teeth. As well as dental hygiene, the Klinik Professor Sailer also offers implant cleaning and parodontitis treatments.

Professional dental cleaning offers protection and care

Through professional dental cleaning, the teeth are freed from bacterial deposits (plaque) and stubborn residues in an effective way. Furthermore, during the tooth cleaning, protruding crowns or the edges of fillings are removed if necessary. In particular areas which are difficult to reach with your toothbrush require regular professional dental cleaning.

Radiant white and prevention of tooth disease

Professional dental cleaning not only helps your teeth to become radiant white, it also makes a valuable contribution to the long-term protection of your teeth. With the help of sufficient dental hygiene, tooth diseases such as tooth decay or parodontitis can be successfully prevented. In addition, the risk of further physical diseases is reduced, because bacteria from the teeth are thereby also removed from the body as a whole.

Professional implant cleaning – long-term protection for your implant

The biggest danger for the loss of an implant is a bacterial infection. Regular professional implant cleaning, which is usually performed within the context of professional dental cleaning, makes a large contribution to the early detection of infections.

In the case of professional implant cleaning, it is particularly important not to scratch the surface of the implant, because bacteria can attach themselves to a damaged, raw surface particularly quickly. In order to prevent damage to the implant as well as infections and bone loss, we use a special laser light (PACT) which enables cleaning to take place with particular care.

Parodontitis – danger for the whole body

Parodontitis, also known as periodontitis, is a bacterial infection in which a largely irreversible destruction of parts of the periodontal apparatus (connective tissue and bones) has already occurred. Today, parodontitis is no longer regarded as a local disease of the gums, but as an infection which requires the patient to be treated with a holistic approach. Untreated, parodontitis can lead to tooth loss. Poor mouth hygiene is often the cause of parodontitis. Parodontitis occurs gradually and, in many cases, first causes pain when the tissue is already largely destroyed.

The best protection and regeneration with intensive parodontitis prevention

This painless parodontitis treatment (PACT) takes place combined with professional dental cleaning. Bacteria are eliminated with the special PACT laser light, which can penetrate the smallest areas. The tissue is then able to grow healthily again and heal. PACT has been scientifically proven to remove 99.9% of bacteria.

Dental hygiene

Klinik Professor Sailer provides a comprehensive service in the field of dental hygiene. Prior to operations performed through the mouth cavity, a dental hygiene treatment is urgently necessary in order to minimise the risk of infection as much as possible. In the time immediately following the operation too, we place great value on dental hygiene care. Infections following our operations are therefore extremely rare.