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Wrinkle treatment

During the natural aging process, our whole body appearance changes, but particularly that of the face – slowly but continually.

Methods to slow down the skin’s aging process

Our facial expressions create winkles particularly in this area of the body, which are at first only visible when the respective muscle group is tensed, but eventually then also in a resting state. The skin also looses elasticity and tissue (above all, fat) and shrivels (atrophy) resulting in a tired and saggy appearance.

This process cannot be stopped, however different techniques can slow down or correct these effects.

The following techniques can be used:

  • Subcutaneous injections with filler or your own body fat to fill up lost volume.
  • Relaxation of muscles and thereby the smoothing of wrinkles. 
  • Medicinal and regenerative techniques (refresh, moisturise, relax) to treat the skin and subcutaneous tissue using mesotherapy. Different active agents, which are individually assembled for each patient, are thereby channelled in and can take effect on-site.
  • Wrinkle treatment and the toning of sagging facial areas using thread lifting techniques.
  • Shaping and modelling the face by adding or reducing volume where necessary (lipolysis, fillers, lipotransfer).

There are numerous techniques proclaimed as “the ultimate solution” to rejuvenate the face in the media. Two important principles of our clinic are that we decide individually for every patient which technique best fits the respective “problem” and that we only work with tried-and-tested safe techniques and materials.

We would be delighted to advise you and look forward to a personal consultation with you.